Barclays Smart Investor

Received notification from Barclays that they are now willing to accept again SIPP accounts. Closed my SIPP with them two years ago due to Smart Investor fiasco. Now with HL, but think they are woeful on the corporate bvond front: only Crest, bad valuations, wide quotes, aside from their "wealth 50" scheme. Back in the day, Barclays was in a different category altogether as to bonds and had competence all round, before Smart Investor happened. What to do: go back to them, assuming they have mended their ways, and if not, who is much better with bonds and always available to help, than HL?


  • Dont bother with Barclays, remains dire in all respects
  • I also left Barclays.

    I have found Interactive Investor to be perfectly acceptable with bonds in my shares ISA.

    I do not have a SIPP but can see no reason why that should be any different.
  • Thanks for advice, will investigate II , as to where cash is deposited ( of which I hold a lot at present due to Brexit shambles), with lesser known or smaller providers a big issue
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