Bond of the Week Aviva

The recent penchant for technical analysis of corporate bonds strikes me a vacuous. RSI, MACD etc. can be of help in pinpointing entry/exit points in highly liquid shares or indices, gilts, commodity futures and so on but are of no relevance whatsoever here. Interest rate trends, credit fundamentals and supply/demand are what matters, so please give us more input on that front, takes a bit more effort, of course, than the odd chart.


  • I am a relative novice but I have found that previous bonds of the week really usefull eg
    Bond of the Week : 16 July 2013 Bruntwood.
    which has an analysis of the business and conclusion.
    However the last few bonds of the week including Aviva were of little help.
  • I have to agree with Fang. I cringe at the use of the term "Technical Analysis" by chartists. What's important is not the shape of historical charts but the unfolding facts, both stock-specific and general, that have influenced prices. Any analysis or projection that doesn't concentrate on why prices have moved as they did seems misguided.
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