Bond Blog: 22 October 2013

I find it very useful to hear the financial news concerning the companies that have bond issues on ORB.
Sometimes it is difficult to keep up with the "financial status" of the issuers.
Therefore the information provided on Enquest & GKN is very appreciative.
Be interested to have a comment on International Personal Finance (management report 23rd Oct)


  • IPF Management Report Q3
    Many thanks for the write up, very useful, in particular that the Market was expecting better results, hence the drop in the price this morning. Presently pleased that the company is going in the right direction and that they are diversifying their operations to further countries.
    Therefore bond holders should be satisfied with its security.
  • I second Shaunms comment above. As a bond holder having company updates like the IPF one today is useful.
  • Our pleasure, if there are any other companies reporting we'll do our best to update as and when...
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