Bond of the week requests

If you have a specific bond you would like us to feature please let us know here. We will do our best to work our way through the list.


  • THAMES WATER (KEMBLE) FINANCE PLC 7.75% NOTES 01/04/2019. I have been struggling to find any decent information on this ! And I do know the minimum denomination is 100K !
  • Do not think that 100k min. should feature on this site, on top of this Thames Water has a short maturity and is illiquid. It is the bigger picture that worries me: the lack of supply. Perhaps F.I.I. can enlighten us as to possible solutions to this as increasingly new issues come in Euros (or USD) and GBP is getting ever more marginalised.
  • I'd be interested to hear comments on the Co-op Group 2025 11% replacement notes, now that the dust has begun to settle on the restructuring. The yield is quite high - does this reflect actual risk since they are now backed by the Co-op Group and not the Bank or is it purely sentiment?
  • The 'other' Enterprise Inns bond 2021 @ 6.875%. You compared them some time ago but it seems near impossible to find out anything on the later bond, even the price, despite your recommendation and preference for it at the time.

    Also, what might happen to the Nationwide 7.971% PIB, as it hasn't been redeemed with the others.
  • Perhaps we could crowd source some bond of the week analysis?

    I've been looking at the Barclays 7.15% 2049, running yield 6.64% and resets to gilts +315 in 2020 so some protection against rising rates in the medium to long term. Not sure about if/when it might be called though ...
  • Would be interested to hear views on Investec 9.625% 17/2/2022, currently yielding some 7.7% or Old Mutual 8% 3/6/21, currently yielding circa 6.6%.

    What are the principal risk factors which these comparatively high yields imply?
  • Old Mutual is subordinated, and has 100k minimum. Investec is sub-investment grade, hard to assess credit. You get what you pay for.. Recent emerging market tumbles are a useful reminder, that safety first should not be overlooked in the quest for higher yields.
  • Thanks for all your suggestions, latest BoW online now. Any further requests please let us know and we will work through them as best we can...
  • I have noticed over recent months that there is a decreasing number of good quality shorter (5-10 yrs) maturity bonds available. Is there a way that FII can analyse rated bonds to allow investors to view and decide on "safer" bond investments more easily than at present?
  • Having read Oliver's BOW article, I have made enquiries about purchasing some Investec 9.625% 2022 and found that there is a 100,000 minimum on it, so for me that's a no can do!
  • Thank you Oliver for responding to the requests above. Always nice to know that the forum activities are taken seriously.
  • Be interested in an update on Principality 7% PIBS following good results today.
  • Has anyone got an up to date price on PPR7 as mentioned above? Is there a live pricing link anywhere? Thanks in advance.
  • PRINCIPALITY BS 7% PIBS PERP GBP1000 Yesterday according YouInvest was .87
    I have a few of these
    Price not moved much in the last month (ie 87pence)
  • I agree with Fang in January that the existence of a minimum as high (for me) as £100K should at least be mentioned in a BOW comment - I spent some time researching Investec 9.625% 2022 after Oliver's one-liner, all wasted. And has Oliver any comment about how long until the next ORB issue ?
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