Ladbrokes PLC



  • I find the LSE site, with a dummy portfolio useful as I can also monitor the share price of the companies I have holding corporate bonds. I setup indicating I have a single share/bond only.
    Also provides a quick indication of whether long term yields might be rising for some of my undated stock, in particular Preference Shares & PIBS.
    My main source of information is of course using , which provides a regular source of emails.
    Re Yields, I regularly import into excel in order to review the yields on the portfolio, the Ladbrokes low yield indicated itself last Friday, however been busy for the last two day's but sold half of my Ladbrokes holding this morning at 111.01 to fund my gradual movement of funds from SIPP to ISA (via pension payments). Better to take the 20% Income tax hit now and place it in tax free ISA portfolio (also holding corporate bonds etc) as part of the 20K allowance, before possible tax rate rises in a few years time (plus any growth from coupon payments / capital gains are tax free).
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