Youinvest or Barclays Stockbrokers

I am looking at opening a SIPP for kids to transfer in old stakeholders currently held with [email protected], who seem to charge about .6% a year to hold a UK index tracker (on about 70k fund).
I have always used Barclays Stockbrokers and must say fees are quite high for retail bonds which must be dealt by phone but it is more than made up for in price improvements.
From looking at reviews, Youinvest seems a recommended service but do they trade within spread for retail bonds and are there any other comments re service. Any thoughts appreciated and sorry to take focus away from Lloyds ECNs.


  • I have just transferred (this week completed) my Barclays Stockholders ISA account, moving it to YouInvest, the portfolio held a number of bonds. The main reason for the transfer was the high cost of dealing in bonds.
    I have found YouInvest to provide an excellent service over the past few years.
    I hold a SIPP, ISA & a dealing account, with over 90% fixed Interest Securities (Bonds/PIBS)
  • @ pdeepp: Short answer, yes, in my experience, AJ Bell Youinvest trades within the LSE indicated prices, and it is quick to execute orders. In my experience it nickel and dimes on cash much worse than other brokers (basically, it sneakily delays cash withdrawals for as long as it can) but this might not be an immediate issue for SIPPs for kids.

    Re your comment on Barclays, I have recent LSE ORB experience with Barclays Stockbrokers, AJ Bell and Selftrade (soon to merge with Equiniti), and longer ago experience with Halifax Share Dealing. Selftrade was online and the others were by telephone.

    Before making telephone trades I will receive an online quote from Selftrade so I know what to expect. It'll quote bid and offer in whichever quantity you choose and whether or not your account is funded and whether you presently hold them (fingers crossed this continues with Equiniti). With only one exception all the telephone trades with each of these brokers matched the Selftrade quote, which was always within the LSE indicated prices. (The exception was lower and a Barclays screw-up for which it compensated me.) This is my experience with the reasonable number of ORB bonds I've owned, anyway.

    Therefore, assuming that you were trading in normal market sizes, I doubt that Barclays ever earnt its ridiculous telephone commission rate for ORB, but on the flip side it is e.g., usually more flexible on the when of account funding than these other brokers on ORB GPOs, so there are pros and cons.
  • Thankyou both for comments. Agree Barclays telephone charges are very expensive but they have made good prices and on occasions I have traded in a large size and have been quite ok with the fills, some of which seem to off exchange or not reported interestingly.
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