Enterprise Inns 6.375% 2031

Just wanted to say 'thank you' to this site for listing the price of the above for it was on here that my attention was first drawn to this bond. I have three other Enterprise Inns bonds, the '18, the '21 and the '25 - all of which have done very well - so the longer maturity was of interest too. Being secured, sub-par and providing a decent yield we have made three purchases of these '31 bonds in recent days. Two have gone into our SIPPs, the other for income. 2031 should see us out - but hopefully not.

We are of the view that today's low interest rate conditions will continue for a good while yet so we are happy with yields over 6.5%.

Anyway, FII please do list more such issues - preferably those providing decent long term yields. The security in this case is a bonus. Thanks again.


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