Burford Capital Plc 6.125%

edited April 2016 in New Issues
Previous issue in 2014 was at 6.5% over 8yrs 2022, this is 6.125% over 8yrs to 2024

Ignore there are comments at end of Burford Capital descussion, I didn't page down enough to get past the comments on the 6.5% bond.


  • Belated thanks to Oliver for another very good and well received article
  • New issue at 5% just announced, December 2026, closes 26 May.
  • Whilst on the surface 5% for 9 1/2 years attractive the issuer is unrated ( and by implication not investment grade) with a long maturity and the third bond for a private partnership of lawyers, so rather risky unless Oliver can put our minds at rest,.
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