Ladies and Gentlemen

Any opinions about this....I'm wondering whether to invest.



  • Presumably you have done some research before investing - what did you see as the pros and cons? Was there anything in particular you were concerned about?
  • Thanks...yes I did. It is denominated in £ but most of the holdings are in US$. I like the breadth of the holdings and the large size of the fund and that it is in Guernsey (or is it Jersey?). We are in the Isle of Man and I have no desire to inconvenience HMRC. The risk profile is high but that is only to be expected and they assess the default risk and publish it...that seems realistic to me. There is capital risk but I can live with that.
    I'm just looking for comments concerning any problems relating to dividend payments or costs of investing.
  • I hold this in my HL SIPP. The purchase was a standard stock transaction with no unusual costs and an acceptable spread. The dividends have been credited quarterly without any problem. Hasn't been a great performer :-)
  • Many thanks CATO. Ah!! A SIPP. We don't have such things here...nor do we have ISAs etc. And this is supposed to be a low tax jurisdiction!!! I am not surprised that it isn't a great performer...I don't see how it could be looking at the great (huge) breadth of assets which is due, I suppose, to the need to keep the default rate down. I am very grateful for your comment and I might dip my toe into the water.
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