Enterprise Inns 6.375% Corporate Bond 26/9/2031

I have been trying to get a purchase price for these from Selftrade.

They do give an indicative price but, when I attempt to get a real time on line quote, a pop-up appears, telling me that these are complex instruments and I have to complete the form that is required for these

I messaged them telling them these are corporate bonds , just like the many other bonds my wife and I hold with Selftrade but I just got back a standard reply telling me to fill in the form etc

I am about to phone them up but thought I would see if anyone else has had the same problem with them

It appears I could buy them from Hargreaves Lansdown if I wished , but I want to use Selftrade


  • Hi Bond007

    I have a SelfTrade account as well. I also receive the same warning regarding Complex Instruments when attempting to buy the above bond. However, I was able to complete the form online immediately and I could then subsequently go through with the purchase - I didn't complete the purchase but the warning was no longer there. I didn't need to download the pdf and post off.

  • Thanks M21er

    It just annoys me that Selftrade have become like a lot of large companies inasmuch as the first line of responders do not read what is written (where I explained the reasons why I considered there to be an error) and just press the button on a standard reply, having read the first sentence or just scanned the whole paragraph

    The last time this happened was when selling some PIBs and I got the same pop-up, effectively warning me that what I was selling was dangerous !!

    Only after re-questioning them was someone with better knowledge able to put matters right.

    I am slowly wishing I stayed with Hargreaves Lansdown, who now can do a few of the things that they couldn't before I left them.


  • I bought them through Halifax as a phone trade (discounted upon request to online rates) a couple of months ago. Normally they are limited in their range so was pleasantly surprised when I found it was available. I had read on bulletin board of issues surrounding stamp duty but didn't encounter any problems or formalities.
  • May be they are trying to tell you that this is a risky purchase, Enterprise being a single B.
  • But secured against the property.
  • Still single B. Simply pointing out the risk.
  • Well, I chickened out and filled in the form just in case I wished to purchase

    I am 99.999% sure that it is an incorrect flag, as know Selftrade of old.

    I am more annoyed with myself for not following it up as I feel that as I am retired, I have more time to do this sort of thing, and often feel honour bound to try and right a few minor wrongs !!

    Maybe I'll get Moneypenny to do it for me

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