Fool Closure

The Fool is closing its Discussion Boards. The Banking Board has been a major source of valuable discussion. Let's hope this site can fill the void.


  • Sorry this posted twice.
  • Recently I have had the feeling that this board is being left to fade away slowly.

    It has reached a point where the disclaimer on the Bond of the Week is invariably much longer than the post itself.

    Now that The Motley Fool is closing, it seems to me that it is only a question of time before this one does - in fact, who can blame them really - I doubt if it generates sufficient or any income from the subscribers and/or advertisers to cover costs.

  • Agree, Bond. Even if rates move up and yields become more tasty, any new activity will be confined to the institutional market. In addition, GBP under Brexit will get ever more sidelined, adding to the lack of liquidity. It follows that retail investors will have to resort increasingly to dividend shares and gilts.
  • It may help to know that Mark Taber of local renown, has got another FI board going here

    I will stay on both boards. But resist the temptation to double register on each and spend time publicly refuting my own arguments.
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