I have noticed for some days that Price, GRY are empty in the Advance bond search
I sent an email to contact us at LSE, but no fix so far. How long it has been this way?
Any other site to get bonds sorted by GRY please?


  • Hi Giammy85. Like you I found the LSE site very helpful and lots of useful features. However over the last few weeks I noticed that the GRY among other features were not being updated and in fact were quite misleading. Then as you say some of the features didn't appear at all so I contacted them ( product specialist of fixed income in capital markets dept.) and they replied that they were unaware of the problems and 'the team' would get onto it straight away to find the solution. Its all very bizarre as they update daily info such as prices/volume of trades etc but not the other fine detail !
    Time will tell so I will give it about ten days to see what happens.
  • Pleased to say that the L.S.E. site is now fully functioning again and shows the usual yields, count days for interest etc.
  • SussexMade & Giammy85, thank you for contact LSE on this matter, useful information.
    However exporting the csv file into Excel, then sorting by Yield to Maturity, indicates the yields are so low that further investment in this sector is becoming a "no go area" for me!
  • I have added a sortable, searchable, exportable table of corporate bonds listed on ORB with prices, running yields and yield to maturity on my Fixed Income Investments website at -

    Please have a play and let me know what you think and any suggestions for improvements.
  • One issue I have with any table of corporate bonds is accuracy of the information
    I assume that this due to errors in the source of the raw data

    The table on this board (Fixed Income Investor) often has out of date prices, and occasionally the wrong description of the bond

    This morning I wanted to find out more information on the following


    The table on this board says the coupon is 4.5% whereas the table on Fixed Income Investments says the coupon is 9%

    It's no big deal as obviously one has to double check everything if a purchase is anticipated, but it does make the procss more time consuming
  • Message for Mark Taber. Sorry not to have commented earlier but been away a while and only just got back in to the saddle. Thanks for the tables on ORB and i find them easy to use and well laid out in general. I haven't checked the accuracy of any particular bond except some quick workings on the running yields and they all added up as you stated. Anyway thanks for this and your time in compiling all the material.
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