Thanks for latest Bond of the Week, Oliver. I don't think any of us would have learnt about this other than through you - or understood the workings of it come to that. Has anyone had any feedback from brokers about participating yet?


  • @Finn2

    Thanks for posting this - I had missed this on Bond of the Week ( Thanks Oliver for the detailed write-up )

    I have messaged SelfTrade and YouInvest ( AJ Bell ) to see whether it will be possible to participate.
  • Many thanks Oliver for another superb write up on what looks like a very interesting investment.

    I too have sent a message to Selftrade asking them if they can help me to participate - will be interesting to see what comes back, and also whether I get same reply as M21er.

    I have found over the years with Selftrade that a lot depends on who first reads the message as to whether they say they can help or not

    I would like to encourage others to message their brokers, and please include those that we have already messaged - will be interesting to compare notes !

  • Just heard back from Hargreaves - they're not offering it. Still waiting to hear from Interactive Investor.
  • Interactive Investor also a No. Anybody found somewhere actually taking orders on this yet?
  • I have asked to Lead to talk to Hargreaves etc., even if it is only to allow secondary trades. I blieve first settlement date is atthe end of this month.
  • Oliver - thanks very much indeed for trying to push this and also for indication of likely first settlement date

    Still waiting reply from Selftrade
  • Yes, thanks Oliver. Even if we have to pay a small premium on secondary trades it still sounds like a good long-term investment along with a bit of diversity.
  • @Wozzitworthit My message sent to SelfTrade on 4 May hasn't been read yet!
  • Have just checked and none of my messages that I have sent over the years have a "read" date entered.

    I do get slightly different things happening on their website when I use different browsers (Firefox or Chrome) so I wouldn't be surprised if someone using Safari or IE says they have "read" dates showing !
  • Anybody had a reply from idealing on this
  • I've had a reply from SelfTrade - a rather 'generic' standard reply which is a No...

    "Thank you for your message.

    Please be advised that if this offer is to become available to you, you will receive a Corporate Action Notification sent to your secure message inbox. Please note that in order to receive a Corporate Action Notification relating to a specific stock, you must firstly hold this stock in your portfolio."
  • Probably worth everyone having another go in a week or so, after the lead broker has had chance to speak to the relevant people.
  • I have not yet had a reply from Selftrade ...... I sent my enquiry to them on May 4th also !!
  • Have now heard back from Selftrade :-

    Please accept our sincere apologies for the delay in contacting you. I can confirm we have been in contact with the relevant team who have advised us that unfortunately we will not be supporting this on our platform

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