PPR7 Gone?


This site used to list the price of the Principality 7% PIBS (PPR7) but it hasn't been there for a couple of months. I appreciate I should take more notice of what my investments are doing but does anyone know why it has disappeared? My broker (iii) has always listed the price as 0 so there's no info there and whilst I will eventually get round to calling them I thought I'd ask here first.



  • If it's any reassurance, the HL website indicates a sell price of 105.5p and I've not picked up on any recent news about this PIBS. My guess is that the price on it is not always shown because of the low trading volumes.
  • Can confirm the bond is still alive and well - Canaccord quoting 105.1-107.0 but volumes are woeful - traded on 9 days since the beginning of June (when traded at 96)
    fyi I have access to professional pricing screens
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    Elmir, thank you for your useful tip. It have helped me
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