• Suggests a reasonable level of interest. A 1 or 2p premium would be a nice surprise.
  • I think they have a lot to thank Oliver for, I decent write-up can shift a few million I reckon.
  • I think that the whole of ORB and all retail investors have a lot to thank Oliver for generally.
  • Generally yields on the majority of fixed income securities are still dropping, thus bond portfolios valuations are still rising. Once "imported inflation" from the drop in sterling from last year passes through the system (takes time!), I suspect deflation might come back on everybody's mind. Could Japan's low interest environment be exported?
    Curtailing excessive loans to indebted consumers might be having a recent effect on the market?

    This issue, shows that there is still a strong demand for 4% coupon securities (10 years)
  • Echoing both Paddy and Finn2 posts thanks to Oliver and hopefully you do read these comments on this platform so you can see our appreciation of your always astute observations.
    Ref this bond who would have thought it would be so sought after on its announcement leave aside say 6-12 months ago. Ten years at 4 % you're having a laugh. ! Just hope it trades at par/above par for 2-4 years and the dealing spread is no more than a percentage point and then maybe use it almost as a current account for the ebbs and flow of capital transfers to other investments. In agreement with Shaunm above i may be wrong and keep this going for a long time yet. Lets see....
  • I was able to buy this bond a few days ago (even though still not formally issued) through Interactive Investor at 100.7. This has enable me to take a profit on a long Tesco Bond and to sell Intermediate Capital 5% which had a yield to redemption of 3.2%. I have been quite active over the last week or so and have also bought a modest amount of the Provident Financial 6% 2021 bond which has been an improving market since the recent update.
  • Gliderpilot, good that you are reviewing your portfolio, in particular the "yield to maturity" for your bonds. You must have shifted the market price with your your PF21 purchase, good increase today. Re PF21, should the price go above 98p, I be tempted to take some profit, in case further bad news arrives, and perhaps re-purchase at a lower price (measuring risk with yield).
    With yields approaching under 3% for some 2019 & 2020 maturities, eg PHP1, WKP1, BRU1 & ALP1, worth while depending on circumstances for investors to consider selling part of their holdings?
    You did well with ICG3, selling at a yield of 3.2%
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