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Hello, when I look at the lse website for retail bond traded prices there seem to be hardly any shown, eg the recent Belong. BEL1 shows no reported trades but a high and low today of 101.15 and 101.25. Similarly many other retail bonds show 0 volume, wheras Hargreaves Lansdowne shows some volume for some bonds but again not much.
Anyone any ideas?? Thanks


  • The situation is really bad now, practically none of the trades that I do on ORB appear on the LSE website, I think the Market Makers want this, so that only they can see the true order flow.
  • specific to Belong as it does not settle until the 20 June there are no registered trades - what you see is the "grey market" that market makers post between close of offer and settlement.
  • No , it's not just Belong, I was referring to normal bonds.
  • I have bought / sold 100k of an issue without any of it showing up!
  • I don't doubt you - i was just trying to help pdepp with the specific of belong - hence the word specific
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  • Can anyone else throw some light on this issue?

    A few years back I would trade a fair amount on ORB and watched the traded prices from the LSE website and they were correct and very useful. All my trades would show up, sometimes delayed but they would be there. Now the prices are wider and zip reported volume!

    I used to work as a derivatives market maker so I know how important this is as an indication!

    The brokers I currently have accounts with are Barclays SmartInvestor and HL and there seems inconsistency in traded prices reported.

    I know the LSE changed their price reporting several months ago, I had similar issues with small cap stocks, and asked LSE and if I recall correctly was told it was in relation to MIFID II and there would soon be a work around solution, which there was and no more that issue.

    I have asked LSE again this time in relation to ORB but no answer so far.

    Maybe someone who still works in the industry can enlighten?
    Or anyone else, thank you for the answers so far.
  • BEL WI trades do get reported, ha!
    Time/Date Price Currency Volume Trade Value* Type MIC Code Trade Type Flags
    10:15:01 101.75 GBP 10,000 10,175.00 AT XLON
  • So I did finally speak to someone at LSE who was a bit helpful.
    I was basically told that I have to buy a market data service if I want to see all the trades going through as many are OTC.
    Anyone any suggestions?
    Or anyone still working at bank/broker can tell me where they see the volumes, if indeed anyone follows this market apart from me (!)
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