St Modwen 6.25% 2019 early redemption

...and another

'St. Modwen has decided to exercise its option to redeem early all of the outstanding Bonds. Set out below are details of the notice of redemption, which is also being given to Bondholders in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Bonds.'


  • Does anyone have any news about this ? The bond is no longer on the LSE website, but I haven't received any money in my Selftrade account yet.
  • Ok, as soon as I posted the last message, I received a message stating that I would receive GBP1.0463 per Bond today into my account !
  • Holders with YouInvest received GBP 1.0463 today, the interest for a small number of days was paid end of last week.
  • But now what to do with the proceeds?
    BBYB has moved up too much lately now offering less than 4.5%. I'm very tempted by Co-op 42TE which if my sums are correct gives a ytm of about 6%.
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