Impossible to buy bonds?????

I've just been online and on the phone to Barclays 'Smart' Investor and apparently it's now completely impossible to buy bonds through them as a private investor due to MIFID - apparently the specific issue is that the bond issuers haven't provided them as a broker with sufficient information on the costs involved in holding bonds so they've withdrawn them all from sale indefinitely.

Is anyone else experiencing similar issues? Or can anyone recommend a broker that is still offering bonds to private punters?


  • Hard to be absolutely certain as market is closed so a dummy trade can't go through but pretty sure that iDealing is OK. I hold bonds with them and their dashboard still has prices showing for a number of bonds.
  • Seems to be still ok through Saga share direct (equiniti) Maybe it's the continuing demise of Barclays unsmart investor
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    Alastair Thaw finally got the boot at the end of the year, I guess the new guy is continuing the cost cuttng. I moved to ii and so far so good.BTW for anyone still fighting smartinvestor dont give up, I ended up getting £2,000 compensation.

  • The one thing I greatly admire about Barclays Smart Investor is that in the early stages of the debacle they offered free transfers out to other providers. I took advantage of this and moved to Interactive Investor whom I have found to be excellent.

    I haven’t checked but suspect that Barclays’ offer has by now expired.

  • Same problem here. I am moving all my positions to HL
  • Bm, be aware that HL only offer a very narrow bond selection, as they have to be tradeable through CREST, thus excluding many issues. They also do not update prices regularly, claim to rely on "third party" who do not do their job, for months often, laughable excuse from the big HL. I moved from Barclays to HL, free of cost, promptly after Smart Investor disaster. Have now thought of moving once more, to AJBell, as they are more flexible as to bond availability, checked a number of them to be sure. What holds me back for now, though, are the 2-6 months it may take to get all in situ across or turn everything into cash, costly either way.
  • I have a HL account and find their bond offering very limited. Can people suggest who are the top service providers specific to bond security offering?


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