Bond Manual

All fine and dandy to promote this to your audience, but how about less sponsor-friendly promotions and more hard facts such as issuance calendar, credit risk issues (e.g. fashionable hybrids) etc., which was the original purpose of this website.


  • I would guess that many of us were first attracted to this website by the Mark Glowrey's Incisive and well-informed commentary (to say nothing of his engaging wit). It is good to know of his book and I, for one, will be placing an order. I do hope that the website will continue to serve readers' interests in all types of fixed interest, including the riskier end of the spectrum.
  • Have purchased the manual . £ 12 odd at Amazon. Useful for reference, terms , technicalities, for my entry level needs. Glad To have it. Would 'nt have known about if it had'nt been advertised here.
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