Investment Grade Opportunities for the Retail Investor via Exchange and BondMart announced yesterday the establishment of "Linear Investments Ltd to launch BondMart, a portal designed to offer brokers, client advisers and discretionary managers access to retail bonds from a stable of investment grade issuers." According to the Linear website, individual investors can access this portal through their brokers. No bonds are on offer at the moment but this website suggests that some will be launched in the next few weeks.

There is little information on this website as might affect individual investors - particularly those that invest on an execution only basis. Accordingly, I have fired off an e-mail to Linear to ask for more information but wondered if anyone on this forum has heard anything more which can be shared with us.


  • What is it actually offering? A new way to access primary markets for retail bonds? What’s wrong with each brokers current system and what's the advantage to the average investor? Probably very little from first glance.

    The only advantage I can see is if it manages to convince new companies to issue debt using retail bonds instead of bank lending or institutional bonds.

    With banks not lending, bond issues should be on the rise anyway as the current times have given low yields, which gives an opportunity to companies to lock in cheap debt for 15-20 years, that could have cost them a lot more a few years ago to service.
  • The BondMart portal is not designed to replace 'each brokers current system'.
    It is was designed to offer a series of issues from investment grade issuers, and real choice in the coupons that are available.
    The offer period for the first issue starts tomorrow AM, details will be available from 0800
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    A Morgan Stanley (Netherlands) 2.4% index(RPI) linked 10 yr bond. Basic details here:-

    Some of the links to detailed info are giving me errors, although that is probably just a teething issue!
  • EJohn - You are right, the links are now fixed, so you can access the necessary information
  • Excuse my ignorance but I just want to get this straight - is it a portal that enables issues that otherwise would have been institutional issues to be retail offerings as well + without BondMart we would have been unable to access these issues - as a retail investor?
  • Koppar - it is LInear that enables you to access these issues. Linear works with the issuers to create the retail offerings which are then promoted by authorised distributors.
    BondMart is simply a portal that investors and distributors can use to view the issues and supporting materials
  • The LSE does not seem to be aware of this new isssue :)
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