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Re Spanish yield.. Stating the obvious, do not need to be told. Same applies to general market "insights" by unispiring blogger/financial journalist contributors. Hope they do not get paid for such stuff. This site offers very little hard info these days other than decent analysis of new ORB bonds. New issues, admittedly mostly institutionally targetted, such as yesterday's TfL, or pipeline of Strabag etc. due next week, do not even get a mention.


  • No nonsense as ever Fang. I do hope you and Arkwelder don't give up here, I appreciate your comments anyway. I missed the TfL and Strabag, care to give me a link to that info please? Charlesh
  • Charlesh,
    TfL priced last week: 3 5/8 due May 2045 at 99.14 (60 over gilt)
    100k minimum. Good to see Boris getting his timing right, as this will be well under water once market opens tomorrow ( if 30 yr US Bond drop anything to go by) .
    Strabag and BBC due to be priced this week. Check IFRE, Reuters or Yahoo. Perhaps just as well that we are left in the dark with new issues- excessive market top signs wherever you look: 17 bn Apple issues, Buffet comments (sound as always), bond funds mixing in equity, reeks of desperation.. so best to stay away unless a significant correction takes place.
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