Asset Backed Fixed Income Plan 8.75% p.a.

What do you think about this opportunity? Lenders Guarantee up to £250,000 a strong "go ahead!" in my book...


  • Complete rubbish - does this forum have no moderators who can remove such posts?
  • Just what categorization mechanism of our dear independent critic caused such response to "such post"?
  • Pdepp, I Agree
    Audax Investments Ltd - Last Stat Accounts Negative Net worth of 64K
    Single Director - Andrew Charles Clarke DOB 8th Sept 1985
    Dissolved Audax Carbon Trading Ltd (Incorp 12/10/2010)

    Has no substance!
    Who are you Mr Jay?
    Crasy to make any investment - no past performance!
    Why a strong "Go ahead", please give "FACTS"
  • A bit more information from the FCA web-site

    No indication of being FCA regulated (lapsed membership)
  • Shaunm & pdepp
    Thanks for your research, I totally agree... if something is traded on a recognised exchange via a reputable broker, then we might spend more than 30 seconds looking at it, otherwise forget.
  • Shaun ,good info well done, may save somebody parting with their pennies. Will mr Jay come out
  • I'm afraid that the wording of the post and the fact that the poster has very recently joined the forum automatically puts most readers on their guard, before they even start to look into the offer. Having to fill in a form with one's details for more information also flashes an amber light.

    Maybe it will work out fine for some and I have missed something really good - but somehow I doubt it

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