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  • Great idea
    Needs a more direct link to the forum from FII Home page or am I overlooking some obvious link
  • Thanks - we will be adding a link on the homepage soon.
  • Thanks for the analysis of the Stobart issue: both informative and entertaining. I hope you are now out of the doghouse.
  • With the benefit of hindsight I wish to change my user name. There seems to be no facility to do this. Help?
  • I notice that today all the views numbers for all discussions end in 1 Is this a coincidence?
  • Further to the comment above re. usernames - if you would like to change a username please contact us on the analysis email address
  • Where are Dr Wong et al providing us with info as to new issue calendar etc. or is this website now little more than a bloggers forum? If so, I'm out.
  • Why the sudden rise in Tesco 1% 16 Dec 2019
  • We here on the grapevine that there will be a couple of new issues announced this month and will update as soon as we have the info...
  • In the recent post there were a number of sales however the reasons behind these decisions were light compared with the rationales to by. When and if to sell is a frequent topic on this site and so hearing more from the professionals on their decision making process would be good.
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    Is there a way to make comments in bold/italic/etc by inserting something like [B] Bold [/B]? Except not that, because it doesn't work.

    I ask because links happen to show as blue hyperlinks, and typing @FixedIncomeInvestor turns into a link, so there are likely other formatting commands.
  • Hello What?
    Hello Come again?
    Hellllooowwwww!!! Nah.

    < i > < /i >
    < b > < /b >

    But without any spaces inside the < >
  • I think there should be a forum area for non-sterling bonds. I know, this site states it is about Sterling only, but (1) People are going to post anyway, and already have (like todays query about dim sum bonds (2) Some of us will have/wish to have both GBP and other ccy bonds, so have a legit interest in the topic (3) The LSE List of All tradeable Fixed Income includes many non GBP instruments - if we can trade em, we'll want to talk about 'em.
  • This has turned into a lame website, devoid of hard information, and turning to "forum" by way of disinvesting itself from us unless we pay subscripton. Any ideas as to other sites which are more useful as to new bond issues in the pipeline, analysis of risk inherent etc.?
  • I don't agree with this, but each to their own view. Whilst more activity can always be encouraged, a lack of apparent activity is probably reflective of a lack of opportunity and new issues. There are however some very competent people who turn up, both professional and knowledgeable amateur, and there are regular new things on the blog.

    I, for one, will continue to visit regularly.
  • @Fang, I love the forum, which functions well: if there is a new issue, or news, or a question, then people get on it and reply. When no news, not enough of us yet to generate chatter it would seem. That just means we lucky few are in the vanguard of the retail bond investment community That Is To Come.
  • One thing though - please fix those fake page view figures that always end in 1.
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    You will be pleased to know the "views ending in 1" issue has been fixed. Apparently the forum software counts views in 10s to increase performance.
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    Given the increasing number of threads and posts (along with my decreasing ability to remember where stuff has been posted before...), a search facility on the forum would be useful.

    ...and yes, I know about the Bookmark facility, but that means that I would need to know in advance what I want to look for at a later date!
  • @ArkWelder - We've added a search bar in the top right hand corner...
    Hope it helps!
  • Regarding the 8th March Bond Blog 'Market for retail bonds strong', could the price changes be changed to 'basis points' please? So, Strong issues yesterday were the Alpha Plus 5.75% 2019, up 40bp to 104p

    My heart had a bit of a stutter at the thought of a 40 pence rise in a day...

    Thanks for the search bar. Couldn't find what I was after - probably a sign that my mind is having a bit of a stutter too!

  • I am new to all this but stolidly holding 5 of retail bonds issued last year including CLS, also 2 non-retail. It would be really helpful /reassuring if there were market reports for bonds in the way that there are for equities. I did wonder whether the isa season would have an effect, but interestingly on the laggards more than the leaders so far. And how annoying that CLS has finally woken up , having stuck at 99 for months looking increasingly attractive for an isa top up in the new tax year !
  • I suspect that the ISA cycle will impact a fair bit on the retail bond market. Given that small scale investors are likely to hold their bonds in an ISA wrapper, the influx of cash at the start of each tax year could be a material factor. Something to bear in mind.
  • I suspect there will be new issues ready to gobble up that isa money in early/mid April!
  • Well I jolly well hope they hurry up. Myself, I'm hoping for a market setback around the 5-10% mark so that my favourite bonds become cheap enough again. I say hoping, I'm rather schizoid on the prospect naturally because of course the other half of the portfolio would suffer. Meanwhile we are becalmed in the Sargasso of low-yielding new issues, high bond prices and low yields on established issues.
  • 007007
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    2 deals today - Well predicted!
  • I realised today just why I never feel comfortable with this website.
    The avatars remind me of 'Tree house friends', a most disgusting collection of sick cartoons.
    What's wrong with a simple 'grown up' forum format like TMF?
    This website started off so well. ;-(
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