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  • Is anyone able to give us a plain English translation of what that means?
  • It may be worth complaining using social media, if that avenue is open to you. They may respond better, as it's a more public way of complaining. Add something like #company name if using twitter
  • That's not the first time I have experienced that with the same firm after checking the quote on selftrade.
  • I presume it was a price off the screen, but wouldn't you have thought that they have access to live prices?
  • btw, although the portfolio part of the lse website is pretty dire, you can certainly add retail bonds into your portfolio & maybe some of the other related investments too. http://www.londonstockexchange.com
  • My feelings exactly. The dilemma now is whether to take more risk with a greater proportion of equities, with these heady valuations. I have a smaller, somewhat tempting proposition with my Tesco bonds, where the current prices would allow a ca. 22%…
  • Sold a good chunk at ca. 111p. I was fortunate enough to buy some of those under £1 too! As always, where to put the money is the tricky question now.
  • These are trading very high right now. Anyone tempted to cash some in? This one happens to be my biggest holding of retail bonds. I can't imagine why people would buy at the current rates, with such a low yield.
  • Of course, a financial meltdown might result in bonds trading well under water, but as long as the companies don't go bust, you can keep taking the dividends and patiently wait for the return on the principal. The investment to the end of the bonds …
  • Enquest and Eros are showing a yield of around 14% currently. They are not for the feint hearted!
  • Here are links to an old thread on this bond and the original bond of the week article, if they are of any help. http://www.fixedincomeinvestor.co.uk/x/forum.html#/discussion/108/helical-bar-6 http://www.fixedincomeinvestor.co.uk/x/analysis.html?t…
  • Cash is still not king. You might has well snaffle a piffling return from a short term retail bond. e.g. Tesco Personal Finance (XS0591029409) for ca. 2% for 8 months. After inflation, you are bit closer to standing still than the cash depreciation.
  • This was news from September, but is this nearing it's conclusion? (I don't hold these any more.) Analysts at RBC Capital Markets pointed out the company’s net debt to ebitda ratio stood at 3.2 times at the end of the first half and that ratio wil…
  • What does that represent? 2.35% over the mid point? Current price shows as 120.25-122.5
  • There's a couple of comments on another forum that may be of interest. (copied below) https://www.lemonfool.co.uk/viewtopic.php?t=5926 https://www.lemonfool.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=6537 from HL's communication If the [existing] financial…
  • https://www.ft.com/content/f7970a30-a9b7-11e7-93c5-648314d2c72c
  • I switched an ISA from Barclays a few years ago. I started the account as my other one went over the 85k mark. After paying charges for a few years on both accounts, I decided to join them together at Selftrade and take the risk on the amount over 8…
  • geoffp, a nice unexpected bonus! I notice the synthetic warrant has been moved from my ISA account to my dealing account (Selftrade) and still is not trade-able.
  • Not seen anything at Selftrade yet. Can't find the info on the synthetic warrants mentioned below. Premier is pleased to announce that the refinancing of the Group announced on 3 February 2017 has now become effective. Completion of the refinanc…
  • Some! Perhaps the ownership of retail bonds are in our own name within a nominee account & this may relate to the order of creditors. i.e. If one went out of business, any proceeds would come to us, rather than the company who hold your investme…
  • Does anyone else hold their's with selftrade? Mine show in stock history as "Transferred out" on 19 June and show as a book cost of zero in the portfolio. What do you think this means? Did they stop trading for a period?
  • PMO's refinancing is finally due to take effect on 28th July. After the recent “world class” oil discovery in Mexico, might we expect an uplift in the bond price?
  • I did not get time to consider it in the end and like you, I held the 2029 ones, so would not have got to sell them. What kind of bonus were they offering on the bonds prior to this announcement? I never did manage to translate the document.
  • There is zero chance of me getting involved with that palty coupon and long duration.
  • I believe that the synthetic warrants are derivatives. i.e. They are not something physical. They probably are much like a spread bet. Instead of trading a physical asset, they are likely effectively betting on it's movement. (Like insurance)
  • I have read very little of this, but the I think that the warrants are effectively compensating us. i.e. When we lent PMO some money, they originally promised to pay it back in 2020. Now, since they are skint, they are holding on to it for a bit lon…
  • I got the same message. I presume that you can receive any proceeds into your dealing account, then, should you wish to, transfer the proceeds back to your ISA account.
  • My initial feeling is that 1) & 3 involves you putting up more money, while 2) involves you receiving some. I'd presume that if it were to all go to plan and they repaid what you should get back, you'd get more out of it in order 1) 3) 2) with y…