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  • Its talking about an increase in term and interest rate, which I don't mind. I only have a very small holding so not over concerned with risk and have decided to hold to maturity. Seems to infer retail bond holders get access to the warrant too. I'…
  • I hope that by using this forum as an advertising medium you are contributing to the cost of running the fixed income investor website.
  • If Premier wanted to negotiate to extend the term of their ORM listed bond is this possible. I'm looking forward to getting my money back in 2020. I buy bonds at issue with plan of holding to maturity. However extending the term might be better than…
  • see the revenues fact sheet www.gov.uk/government/publications/personal-savings-allowance-factsheet
  • How can I get more details on the Balfour beaty pref shares - I understand the cumulative bit and the redeemable bit but is the convertible part at the companies say or the share holders?
  • did anybody listen in to the conference call
  • Depends on the particular bond, what should happen is that bonds with low yields and longer times to maturity will see greater increases in yields than bonds with higher yields and shorter times to maturity.
  • I agree, I know the fixed interest markets are huge therefore there must be more instruments out there of interest to retail investors.
  • Of peripheral interest there's another investment company that invests in litigation which trades in London: www.juridicainvestments.com. They seem to be doing well too. If legal cases cases can be considered an asset is it therefore possible they …
  • Thanks everyone, my question had lots of response and with the bonus of a bond of the week analysis. I still don't know why I didn't sell when they soared to over 115 though.