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  • For the new issue: bid = 99.9p offer = 100.5p Very far from the worst case scenario. Roger.
  • It is against all etiquette to multiple post on forum such as this. In fact it is considered to be downright rude. It is a technique beloved of trolls and spammers. Roger.
  • I have just visited a forum for vegans and would be vegans where an obvious troll, intent on causing mischief, quite blatantly claimed to be no such thing. The lies people tell. “C'est la vie, say the old folks, it goes to show you never can tell."…
  • In the apparent rush for the door to exit Barclays no one has mentioned TD Direct. There are no admin fees for portfolios valued above a low hurdle and no exit fees for their shares ISA. Bonds and shares can be traded for £12.50 but for the first …
  • From soar to plummet: Poor results published today produced an 8%ish fall in both bond and share prices. And the spread is rather large. Hold firm and don't panic?
    in Eros Comment by roger August 2017
  • Whoops. Sorry about the fake news. Bad chart. Always double check your sources! The bond has currently lost some of yesterday’s gain. I console myself with the thought that no ORB listed bond has ever gone belly up. Mind you, ORB is but a youth and…
    in Eros Comment by roger August 2017
  • Normally good or bad news is expected to affect share prices more than bond values. What is unusual here is that the EROS shares are up 5% on the day while the bonds are up 10%.
    in Eros Comment by roger August 2017
  • I am now the proud owner of a host of “Premier Oil Senior Synthetic Warrants 31/05/2021 (Equity Growth Fee)” held within an ISA envelope. On June 13/14 Wozzitworthit and shotgun posted that synthetics could not be held in their ISAs. Dare I suggest…
  • Just to cheer everybody up………. Premier Oil’s coupon payment arrived this morning.
  • I opted for the synthetic warrants. I have bonds in Premier Oil but no shares. If I already had shares I would have gone for the equity warrants. My reasoning was this: It would be unwise to end up with just a small number of shares in 2022 becau…
  • Below is an extract from the notice sent to me by TD DIRECT containing info that might be of interest. BTW, I appear to have been given a longer period to respond than Wozzitworthit has. A corporate action is taking place in relation to PREMIER OI…