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  • US does have a clown as their President, however much can't be said about May's state of mind, FX is always two-way It's not a roll of dice if the company knows what it's doing, or at-least knows somewhat what it's doing
  • now up more than 20%
  • To his credit, @ainscowr was pretty open about slow interest from investors, dunno if 11mm interest from mortgage seekers is any good Looks like retail bond was fourth funding channel for LI, why is BZ in so much rush - https://en.wikipedia.org/wi…
  • http://www.sagasharedirect.co.uk/our-charges https://sagasharedirect.peterevans.com/sites/www.sagasharedirect.co.uk/files/ssdcharges_nov_17.pdf yeah, sounds about right @Wozzitworthit, couldn't find these new charges @colin, where you looking On…
  • if Aviva couldn't float its reit, how's BZ going to fly its retail bond
  • Outlook for sterling or sterling related assets like property doesn't appear very bright post-brexit, however sterling is often quoted as undervalued on trade weighted basis. It's hard to call this the top of the market given synchronized global gro…
  • like i was saying http://www.londonstockexchange.com/exchange/news/market-news/market-news-detail/other/13463247.html
  • yes, it's not competitive compared to banks who can take those mortgage assets and get funding from the central banks at zero. However, banks could be behind in using tech when it comes to extending credit to those who can still afford to borrow at …
  • yeah, for now at least, looking at prospectus, its 1.5bn bond issuance program with first 250mm over next 12 months, so they are trying to build mortgage book using this funding
  • Re: http://www.adventurousinvestor.com/420-steer-clear-of-the-bluezest-retail-bond The author doesn't want issuer to wander up the risk curve to chase new business, however wants to get paid a fatter coupon, maybe BlueZest should bring out their ma…
  • It's up more than 10% in conditional dealing http://www.londonstockexchange.com/exchange/prices-and-markets/stocks/summary/company-summary/GB00BYWVDP49GBGBXSET3.html?lang=en
  • any free service to see it's price action, common stock tells you an obvious restructuring story, get in the queue https://www.bloomberg.com/press-releases/2017-10-12/largest-unsecured-creditor-rejects-norske-skog-recapitalization-proposal
  • not looking good, revised timetable, M7 Multi-Let REIT had the same precursor before the IPO was pulled https://www.tddirectinvesting.co.uk/ipos/aviva-investors-secure-income-reit-plc-share-offer
  • is it possible to delete a comment
  • Rob should be here soon, or you can reach out directly and post it here for the rest of us Begin forwarded message: From: Robert Ainscow '[email protected]' Date: 4 December 2017 at 09:25:12 GMT Subject: Bluezest. Dear, My name is Robert…
  • Except for product coverage, couldn't find out whole much on difference between OFIS and ORB, seems like product offering for retail vs institutional - http://www.londonstockexchange.com/traders-and-brokers/security-types/debt-bonds/debt-bonds.ht…
  • okay, i sent in a message, let's see if they get time to come on help us with these queries ---------- Forwarded message ---------- Date: 3 December 2017 at 14:06 Subject: BlueZest 5.25% 2022 Bond To: [email protected] Hi, Our group was con…
  • how about somebody tells the BlueZest CEO to come or send someone to answer our queries here, then we can give him some of our hard earned money
  • Looking at prospectus, its 1.5bn bond issuance program with first 250mm over next 12 months, so they are trying to build mortgage book using this funding Page 4 presents accounts for the parent 'Unique Funding Limited', 850k investor funds, 250k cu…
  • fintech seems a game for younger folks, too much experience at the top might not be too desirable https://www.mortgagefinancegazette.com/market-news/new-online-mortgage-lender-prepares-for-launch-12-08-2016/
  • looks like founding ceo didn't even stay the full first year http://www.financialreporter.co.uk/in-the-spotlight/in-the-spotlight-with-russell-gould-bluezest.html https://www.linkedin.com/in/rdgould/
  • https://www.santander.com/csgs/Satellite/CFWCSancomQP01/en_GB/Preference-Shares-and-Loan-Notes.html Q > Are preference shares redeemable or irredeemable? A > They are Irredeemable.